Saturday, October 12, 2013

C4T #2

the real world
    Josh Stumpenhorst blogs about "The Real World," that students are facing today. Josh explains that he grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone and the most exposure they had to drugs was an occasional dip of tobacco or a case of PBR. He states that he did not experience death at a real level in his life until he was an adult. This was what his "real world" looked like. In this post he talks about how he thought he was preparing his students for the real world but he really had no clue what the real world was for his students. It was brought to his attention that his students were having exposure as early as 12, to things he himself had not been exposed to. He states that he wants to help his students live in the real world they are experiencing. In my comment, I told Mr Stumpenhorst that I knew where he was coming from when it came to growing up in a small town and never really being exposed to anything until I entered college. I also stated that as I work with teenagers on a weekly basis you really do not know what students go through because it is so easy to put on a good face in front of your peers.

I used to think
    In my second C4T, Josh Stumpenhorst writes a blog entitled I Used To Think. In this blog post, Josh talks about ideals he used to have as a teacher and what his ideals are now. I thought it was an excellent blog post. It really puts teaching into perspective and what preconceived notions we can have about our classroom, students, administrators, and parents. In my comment, I stated that I thought his post was extremely thought provoking and that it really made me think about the kind of teacher I want to become.

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