Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blog Post #4-Why Podcasts? How do we do a Podcast?

1st Graders Create Their Own Audiobook
My initial reaction to this post was it was absolutely wonderful. Reading can be a very tough skill to master with speech impediments, levels of reading comprehension, etc. I think it is an excellent idea to have kids create an audiobook where they can hear themselves. I feel like as the students hear themselves they become more confident students in the subject of reading. I also really liked the fact that not only did they create an audiobook but they also had a booklet to read along with while they listened to themselves. One thing I have learned from this post is that we can be our greatest motivation and I will keep that in mind when creating my podcast. I thought this was a great project.

Flat Stanley Podcast
flat stanley
I thought this was absolutely adorable. I loved hearing the students voices, talking about where they had been mailed to and the adventures they had had. I thought that this was a great idea to have students participate in. It keeps the students engaged and again I think it is really excellent that they can hear their own voices. I also really liked the idea of having the students research where they wanted to go while being a “Flat Stanley.” Not only did they get the opportunity to read a book, but they also had the opportunity to learn about a different place and culture. I learned that it is really great to be energetic and learn the dynamics of your voice, because it comes off really nicely in a podcast. I really loved this project.

Podcasting with First Grade

student podcasting
I thought this was a great way to get students to break out of their shells. Listening to oneself brings about confidence. I can hear excitement and enthusiasm in the students voices as they interviewed Jack and Annie in the podcast. I feel that this kind of project helps shy children become more expressive and become more comfortable with themselves. I loved that these kids were really taking an active part in the podcast by asking questions and also recording bits where the entire class said something or made a noise. One thing I can take away from this podcast is that being expressive in a podcast can make all of the difference. I thought the students did an excellent job on this podcast.

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