Monday, September 30, 2013

C4K Summary for September

    For my first C4K assignment I was given the student whose blog name is French Toast Montanna. In her "I Believe," blog post, she blogged about her love for music and marching band. She admitted though that marching band is not quite as glamorous as it seems. She said there are long days with a lot of standing and sweating. She also commented that it was difficult to remember her music because there was so much to memorize. In my comment to her I told her I knew how she felt, as I was in band myself. I also let her know that I really enjoyed reading her blog and to keep up the good work.
I believe

    In my second C4K assignment I had a student by the name of Tahlia. Tahlia wrote her entire blog post in the Wingdings font. I translated her post in word and found that she was talking about a game she had been playing. In my comment to her I told her I enjoyed her post that was written in Wingdings and I asked her what game she was playing. I am still waiting for a response from her.

    In my third C4K assignment I had a student named Ngairie. In her blog post she had a graph showing different camp activities that people enjoyed. The categories were kayaking, blogging, getting lost, and rollerblading. Kayaking was the top scoring activity. In my comment to Ngairie, I told her that I enjoyed her post and that I had been to camp many times and that kayaking was one of my favorite activities to participate in at camp.

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