Tuesday, November 19, 2013

C4K Summary For November

first day of school
    For my first C4K for November, I was assigned a student named Mikaiah from New Zealand. In Mikaiah's blog post she wrote about her first day of school. She talked about being nervous because this was a totally new experience for her. She said she asked a boy named James if she could play handball with him and he said yes. In my comment to Mikaiah I told her that I knew how she felt and I told her that I was ver nervous my first day of school as well. I told her it can be scary when we experience things that we are not used to. I told her that she did a good job on her blog post and to keep up the good work.

    For my last C4K for November I read the blog of a student named Kaya. In her blog post she talks about using the cross walk when crossing the street. She has a video on her blog in which she talks about this. In my comment to her, I told her who I was and that I enjoyed her post. I told her it is very important to be safe when crossing the street and the way to do that is by using a crosswalk.

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