Sunday, November 24, 2013

C4T #4

    In my first C4T I was given Silvia Tolisano. In her most recent blog post she talked about copyright infringement when going through Microsoft Office Clipart Gallery into search engines like Bing. In my comment to her, I told her that I am constantly looking for picture for my blog and that I had never considered what I might be using could be copyrighted. I told her that I enjoyed reading her post and I thanked her for sharing her thoughts on copyright infringement.

social media
    In my last C4T for the semester Ms Tolisano wrote about how there is no more middle man in having contact with companies or whomever. She talks about how we have a voice. She recently was working on an infographic in Piktochart and she was looking for a puzzle piece but was having a difficult time finding one. In order to find this puzzle piece she tweeted a message and tagged Piktograph's twitter name in it and less than 3 hours later she had a response and a puzzle piece. In my comment to her, I told her that I loved her blog post. I also said that with the invention of social media sites it is so much easier to communicate directly with companies and other individuals. I thought this was a great blog post.

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