Sunday, November 3, 2013

C4K Summary For October

service dog
    In my first C4K for October I had the opportunity to read a blog that belonged to a girl named Aisha. In Aisha's blog post, she blogged about service dogs. She told a story about a girl named Melody who had fallen out of her wheelchair and her service dog Butterscotch helped her up. She offered a website to learn more about service dogs. In my comment to Aisha, I told her that I really enjoyed her blog post about service dogs. I told her that service dogs were intelligent and loyal animals.

    In my second C4K I was assigned a student by the name of Lizzie. In Lizzie's blog post she talked about moss, lichen, and fungus. She gave adequate descriptions of each. In my comment to her I told her that I really enjoyed her blog post and that I thought she gave good descriptions of moss, lichen, and fungus and that she had really good pictures.

komodo dragon
    In my third C4K I was given a student from New Zealand named Ben. In Ben's most recent blog post he wrote about komodo dragons. Ben went into great detail about the komodo dragons habitat, what they eat and how they catch their prey. Ben talked about what komodo dragons look like and how big they can become. Ben also talked about what it is like for baby komodo dragons during the first six to eight months of their lives. In my comment to Ben, I shared with him who I was and that he had done a good job on his blog post. I also shared with him that before reading his blog post I did not know much about komodo dragons and after reading his post I felt that I knew a great deal. Ben did a really great job on his blog post.

out of my mind
    In my fourth C4K I was given a student named Danielle. In her most recent blog post she wrote an entry about the book Out Of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper. I told Danielle that I enjoyed reading her blog post. I also told her I was not familiar with the book but from what she wrote she seemed to have a good understanding on what the book was about. I let her know she was doing a good job and to keep up the good work.

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