Sunday, November 3, 2013

C4T #3

    For my first entry in C4T #3 I was assigned Vicki Davis. Vicki Davis is a full time teacher in Camilla, Georgia. In her most recent blog post she talks about the new update to Windows 8. She states that the update adds a lot of features and improvements across the OS. She also mentions there is a great deal of new things to do with photo editing. In my comment to her I stated my name and where I attended school. I told her that her blog post was very useful and good information to know.
windows logo

    For my second C4T, Ms. Davis blogged about why she is moving from blogger to wordpress. In her post she gives five reasons as to why she is moving her blog. Her first reason was she likes that wordpress has more add ins and flexibility. Secondly, she said that she was concerned about googles new terms of service. Thirdly, she states that free can cost you everything, so pay for valuable services. Fourthly, she said simply that it is time to move on. Finally, she says that her blog on wordpress will not be blocked in schools like it is on blogspot. In my comment to her I told her I enjoyed reading her post and that I had never considered wordpress even though I knew several people who had a blog on wordpress. I told her she made a lot of excellent points.
blogger vs. wordpress

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